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If you’ve never been to Barcelona, you can start here. Or forever hold your peace:

Before you go

How to Dress in Barcelona According to Season. Should you pack your flip flips in March? (Answer: No.)

Avoid the Crowds in Barcelona. What can I say, I’m American! I’m a little hypersensitive about space.

How to Avoid Pickpockets and Enjoy Barcelona. No, I’ve never been a victim of petty theft (eyeballs quickly dart to the floor).

How to Eat and Drink Like a Spaniard Yes, the dinner at 10pm is real (tummy grumbles).

A few places for inspo

12 Things to Do at Ciutadella Park. Because the ducks here are starving. And I want you to feed them.

Park Guell, Spain’s Most Colorful Park. I will hurt you if you don’t come here.

Why You Should Visit Barcelona’s Largest Flea Market, Encants Vells. Because you know you want to buy a water pitcher from 1943. From a dead person’s home.

Passeig de Gracia: A Guide to the Most Expensive Avenue in Spain. This is totally where the Kardashians would shop. In spiked heels.

15 Things To Do With Kids in Barcelona. Stop the tantrums before they start. Find out where to take the little knuckleheads. (I got kids, I can say that.)

Inside the Sagrada Familia Selfie stick not included.

So, take off your shoes (not your socks, that’s gross). And relax and stick around. Then leave me a note at if you find something useful. Chao chao!

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