Zombies Invade the Sitges Film Festival

IMG-20151010-WA0006Devoured flesh, gouged eyes, torn-up faces, ripped-out jaws. A bunch of undead people infested Sitges on Saturday — moaning around the city, stupidly and relentlessly.

The renowned Sitges Film Festival celebrates fantasy and horror films, where that evening they would film the Sitges Zombie Walk. 

The zombies started swarming the city at daylight. Hordes of them gave normal people detestable looks and dark stares.


I didn’t like the looks of some of them as they’re known to be voracious eaters. This zombie’s ready to devour her next meal of human flesh.


Not even young boys are exempt from the bloody, walking dead.

IMG-20151010-WA0000Twin Zombies, each with rotting gouged eyes gave a mean, lifeless stare with their other eye.


After walking around Sitges, I saw where the zombifying happened — in a tent of professional zombifyers.

An f’d-up Elsa and nun were ready to swarm the city, groping and moaning around Sitges with the rest of the zombie horde. Elsa holds a sign that says, Se busca el resto del cuerpo del Princípe Hans. Vivo o no muerto. (Looking for the rest of Prince Hans’ body. Dead or undead).”


The line for the free zombifying must have been an hour or two wait. A girl set up her own zombifying shop for quicker zombification.


Acting stupid and devoid of life is typical zombie behavior.


There was a small market of stalls along the Sitges boardwalk where horror fans can get their gory products. Perhaps they’re leftovers of zombie meals.


Remember — zombies don’t leave any body part untouched.

IMG_0947 As daylight turned to dusk, I started to worry when the zombie hordes started multiplying, dragging their corpses around with relentless groaning.

Those zombie twins again. I’m outta here!


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