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Fideuà vs. Paella: The Spanish Dish Showdown

Some rivalries in Spain are hard to kill. Real Madrid vs. FC Barcelona. PP versus PSOE versus…Podemos? And in Catalonia, another harsh battle is being fought: the fideuà versus the paella. Anyone familiar

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Interview: John Schellhase of Venture Spain

Travel blogs about Spain abound the blogosphere. But John Schellhase of Venture Spain takes a different approach, digging a bit deeper than just tapas and flamenco. While Venture Spain highlights different

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A Spanish Lesson: Body, Panty, Leotardo, and More

When I was pregnant, I started to make a list of newborn clothes that I’d need before my baby girl’s arrival. My mother-in-law (who’s Spanish) asked me if my daughter had enough bodys. Well

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American Goods I Bring Back to Spain (and Foods I Make)

A few months ago, I sat down with my family to chow down on our routine weekend breakfast — homemade pancakes. I tipped over my bottle of American-imported maple syrup only to see a few piddly drops

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Ten Reasons Why Barcelona is a Smart City

Barcelona is the first city in Spain coined a “Smart City” and is named the fifth overall in Europe in 2013 ahead of Paris, Stockholm, and London. And with all the noise about the Mobile World Congress

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Barcelona’s Non-Traditional Nativity Scene: Yay or Nay?

My family and I arrived at Plaça Sant Jaume to check out an awesome annual Christmas tradition in Barcelona. That would be the city’s official pessebre vivent, or living Nativity scene. It’s usually

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