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Pedra Paper Tisora, a creative toy shop in Poblenou

In Poblenou, locals love to shoot the breeze on the narrow pedestrian street, Carrer Marià Aguiló. They visit its restaurants and bars, chat with their neighbors, or stop to gaze at the storefront displays.

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Can Framis Museum: Space, Light, & Modern Catalan Art

As 22@ currently grows as a hot technological and innovation center in the Poblenou area, remnants of the former industrial hub still stand. And Museu Can Framis preserves that memory. What was once

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El Nacional: A Classy, Gourmet Multi-Space Restaurant

I’d been wanting to go to El Nacional ever since it opened a year ago in October. The modernist architecture, the sepia-toned lighting, and the majestic decor in a large space was so enticing. Everything

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Faborit Casa Amatller, A Modernist Cafe + Chocolate

Casa Amatller has one more reason to enchant modernist art lovers, who are seeking another experience of modernisme in Barcelona. The lesser-known neighbor to the famous Casa Batlló, Casa Amatller invites

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12 Things to Do at Parc de Ciutadella

  Call it the Central Park of Barcelona. The Parc de Ciutadella is the city’s biggest and oldest park, and there’s always something to do in this 70-acre lung of Barcelona. Just last week

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Supersize It: Playing Big at Parc de Francesc Macià

Let’s say you want to feel tiny — just for fun. I’m talking “Honey I Shrunk the Kids” tiny. Well there’s a spectacular park in Catalonia where little ones (and big ones) can pretend they’re

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Festa Gracia Avatar

The Ostentatious and Decorative Streets of Festa Major de Gràcia 2015

Hi, everyone! July robbed August of all of the heat, so it seems we have a mild and rainy August. I’m not complaining. It’s perfect for being outdoors in the city! Also, you cannot miss the Festa Major

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Parc de L'Oreneta

Parc de L’Oreneta: Mini Train Rides in Barcelona

Choo-choo! We ran to the end of the long line. Parents and small children before us were waiting for their turn to jump on the miniature steam train. “Un tren! Un tren!” my 2-year-old yells, pointing

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Park Guell, Spain’s Most Colorful Park

Call it a giant Candy Land in Barcelona. Park Guell is that place where you feel like a 5-year-old, oohing and ahhing at crazy rock formations and multicolored mosaics. While most parks have your typical

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Getting Morbid at Museu Blau

Located at Barcelona’s modern Parc del Forum, the Museu Blau’s other moniker is the Museu de Ciencies Naturales (Natural Science Museum). The new museum, which found its new home in 2011, is in

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