Get Juicy at Mother: Cold-Pressed Organic Juices

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It’s been one long, hot, humid summer in Barcelona. AS USUAL. While an ice cream is always a tasty, fattening treat to cool this hot bod down, I had a much healthier alternative in mind. Enter: Mother.

Mother_Barcelona4No, not my mom straight outta California.

But Mother, a local juice bar serving cold-pressed juices and other granola-healthy treats any sugar-loathing person would love.

I took my littles to this cute little juice bar (juicery?) that I’d been longing + thirsting to try.


There are two locations. One on Gran Via – and the other on Joaquin Costa in Raval.

I opted for the grittier Raval location because I just love to check out the ethnic foods, eclectic people, and quirky boutique shops there. Plus, it’s fun to just shove my kids along the wall when the cars overspeed on the narrow streets. Jerks.


Mother is a simple hangout. They’ve got two bar-high tables and about four chairs. Not a place to sit around and chat for hours. But still — cozy and unpretentious.


So what is cold-pressed? It’s basically a method of juicing that uses a hydraulic press to extract the juice. At the end, the bottled juice can last longer for as long as 30 days instead of 3 or 4.

They’ve got a fridge full of their glass-bottled cold-pressed juices in attractive packaging.


Their ingredients are natural and vegan. Why not splurge on some quinoa brownies, right? Mmmm…chocolate…


My kids wanted something with strawberry. Silly me. They’re not in season! Well of course. This place only serves seasonal fruits and vegetables. And there’s ZERO sugar.


Me? I opted for a smoothie instead: Mango Banana Colada smoothie. Ingredients: Milk, coconut water, mango, banana, and agave nectar. I felt like I was ready to run a marathon after that.

The kids got Coco Delight. That’s coconut fiber, almond milk, coconut oil, banana, and agave.


Organic. Superfresh. Delish.

The smoothie isn’t cheap. It’s 5.50 for a 350 ml.

But was it worth it? If you love to feel healthy and energized, YES.


c/ Joaquin Costa 26, 08001 Barcelona, +34 931 193 845

c/ Gran Via 700, 08010 Barcelona, +34 935 458 066


Have you been here? If not, let me know if you try it!

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