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Junk or Treasure? The Sunday Market at Sant Antoni

For movie fanatics, memorabillia collectors, book enthusiasts, frikis, or comic nerds in Barcelona, Sant Antoni’s Sunday market is for you. If you’ve never hit up the Mercat Dominical de Sant

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A Barcelona Guide Giveaway (for the Cool + Cultured)

So…you want to visit Barcelona. And you need a way to navigate + hang out with the cool kids in the city. What if you could just put a tiny guide in your back pocket – instead of dragging

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La Plaça: The new Gastro Market at El Corte Ingles

El Corte Ingles has needed to update their top-story restaurant for awhile. Even though it matched most El Corte Ingles cafeterias all around Spain, which was boringly just called “La Cafeteria”,

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Minimal and Hip: Federal Cafe in El Gotic

Federal Cafe in El Gotic works a modern vibe. Two Australian guys, Tommy Tang and Crick King, opened its doors just last year after the success of the first location in Sant Antoni. Apparently, they’ve

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Eating at Els Quatre Gats, Picasso’s Former Hangout

“Umm. I’d to like paint some of my art for your walls. I like chillin’ here with my artist buddies, it’s fun, ” a 17-year-old Pablo Picasso says to Pere Romeu, the owner of Els Quatre Gats. “Sure. Maybe

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Pedra Paper Tisora, a creative toy shop in Poblenou

In Poblenou, locals love to shoot the breeze on the narrow pedestrian street, Carrer Marià Aguiló. They visit its restaurants and bars, chat with their neighbors, or stop to gaze at the storefront displays.

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Zombies Invade the Sitges Film Festival

Devoured flesh, gouged eyes, torn-up faces, ripped-out jaws. A bunch of undead people infested Sitges on Saturday — moaning around the city, stupidly and relentlessly. The renowned Sitges Film Festival celebrates fantasy

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Photo by Jimmy Baikovicius via Flickr

7 Places for Breathtaking Panoramic Views of Barcelona

Barcelona’s a city of varying elevations. And there’s nothing like being in a really, really high place — and seeing the lay of the land of a large city below. Then your life starts to take

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Five Magnificent Must-Dos in Barcelona

It would take a lifetime to get to know Barcelona, but some travelers only have a few days. Here are five picks for finding adventure in this cosmopolitan Mediterranean city. 1. Explore the eccentric architecture

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Parc de L'Oreneta

Parc de L’Oreneta: Mini Train Rides in Barcelona

Choo-choo! We ran to the end of the long line. Parents and small children before us were waiting for their turn to jump on the miniature steam train. “Un tren! Un tren!” my 2-year-old yells, pointing

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