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BonAppetour Experience: Dining with Catalan locals + friends

“We’re all virgins here!”, says Teresa, our host and chef debonaire. My friend, Ben from Driftwood Journals, invited me to join this “dine with locals” food experience with

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El 58, Mouth-Watering Tapas in Poblenou

A bit quirky and vintage on the inside, El 58 on the Rambla de Poblenou is a laidback spot for tapas and drinks on any day. I came here for weekday lunch when it opened at 1pm, and the crowds slowly trickled

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Minimal and Hip: Federal Cafe in El Gotic

Federal Cafe in El Gotic works a modern vibe. Two Australian guys, Tommy Tang and Crick King, opened its doors just last year after the success of the first location in Sant Antoni. Apparently, they’ve

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Eating at Els Quatre Gats, Picasso’s Former Hangout

“Umm. I’d to like paint some of my art for your walls. I like chillin’ here with my artist buddies, it’s fun, ” a 17-year-old Pablo Picasso says to Pere Romeu, the owner of Els Quatre Gats. “Sure. Maybe

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El Nacional: A Classy, Gourmet Multi-Space Restaurant

I’d been wanting to go to El Nacional ever since it opened a year ago in October. The modernist architecture, the sepia-toned lighting, and the majestic decor in a large space was so enticing. Everything

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Fideuà vs. Paella: The Spanish Dish Showdown

Some rivalries in Spain are hard to kill. Real Madrid vs. FC Barcelona. PP versus PSOE versus…Podemos? And in Catalonia, another harsh battle is being fought: the fideuà versus the paella. Anyone familiar

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American Goods I Bring Back to Spain (and Foods I Make)

A few months ago, I sat down with my family to chow down on our routine weekend breakfast — homemade pancakes. I tipped over my bottle of American-imported maple syrup only to see a few piddly drops

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Encants Vells Barcelona

Why You Should Visit Barcelona’s Flea Market, Encants Vells (Fira de Bellcaire)

The Fira de Bellcaire, or more popularly known as Els Encants Vells, is the largest flea market in Barcelona and one of the oldest markets

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Mercat de Mercats – The Mother of Markets

  I’d been wanting to go to the Mercat de Mercats ever since its first event four years ago. I kept missing this feast for the eyes and stomach. This annual food fair features local vendors

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