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What to wear in Barcelona in the Fall

Hey, hey, fall is here! Although it officially started on September 22, I can say that shorts and tank tops season is pretty much OVER. Fall temperatures in Barcelona have a moderate range. The average

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What to wear in Barcelona in the winter

Winter is just around the corner, dolls and dudes. I’m talking about December, January, and February —  those cold months when you peruse the Christmas fairs, check out the festive street lights,

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Encants Vells Barcelona

Why You Should Visit Barcelona’s Flea Market, Encants Vells (Fira de Bellcaire)

The Fira de Bellcaire, or more popularly known as Els Encants Vells, is the largest flea market in Barcelona and one of the oldest markets

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Las Ramblas: Barcelona’s Vibrant Promenade

It’s entertaining and often gritty. And it’s a must-see in Barcelona — Las Ramblas. Before going, I wondered if we’d see Ronaldinho performing tricks of fancy footwork with his

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How to Avoid Pickpockets and Enjoy Barcelona

This post was updated on November 2, 2017. Barcelona has earned a terrible reputation as a haven for thieves. I can’t count how many stories I’ve heard about people having their belongings

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