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La Casa dels Entremesos: Giants, Big Heads, and Beasts

Have you seen the GIANTS of Barcelona? Maybe you’ve been to the citywide La Mèrce Festival, or a smaller neighborhood celebration around Barcelona. And you may have caught the gegants – towering figures

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How to Care For Your Caga Tió (Catalan Pooping Christmas Log)

If you want presents on Christmas Eve, you’ve gotta do some work: Give your caga tió some tender lovin’ care. And if you’ve never heard of him… The caga tió is a log with a face on it. And

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Fideuà vs. Paella: The Spanish Dish Showdown

Some rivalries in Spain are hard to kill. Real Madrid vs. FC Barcelona. PP versus PSOE versus…Podemos? And in Catalonia, another harsh battle is being fought: the fideuà versus the paella. Anyone familiar

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Interview: John Schellhase of Venture Spain

Travel blogs about Spain abound the blogosphere. But John Schellhase of Venture Spain takes a different approach, digging a bit deeper than just tapas and flamenco. While Venture Spain highlights different

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Christmas Market at the Sagrada Familia

Spain is a late-to-bed, late-to-rise kind of country. There are times when you can take advantage of this — especially when trying to enjoy crowded events

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Caga Tió, A Crapping Christmas Icon

He’s a defecating log with an exuberant smile on his face. And he brings holiday joy to Catalan children every Christmas. I don’t really quite remember the exact moment when I heard about the

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