Weekend Break in Northeast Spain: Cap de Creus and Cadaques


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They say that, to have better overall health and well-being, it’s more beneficial to take a short trip than a weeks-long trip. I’m so with this. A few weeks ago, my family drove up north to the Costa Brava. After this 3-day break, I came back feeling like a new woman!


Cap de Creus, Spain’s little nubbin.

Cap de Creus: Mainland Spain’s most northeast point

See the map above? Now look as far right as you can, and that’s Cap de Creus, a peninsula in the Cap de Creus National Park. The park has a dry, rocky landscape, but has several breathtaking spots that have even inspired Dalí’s paintings.

We saw several groups of hikers exploring the rocky landscape, probably headed in our same direction. They were seeking the end of the Mediterranean Sea, where they’d find several islets, cliffs, and coves.


Once you reach the end, you can park your car by the lighthouse. Many people walk around and hike down to the cliffs.


The north wind called “tramuntana” has shaped the rock formation for centuries.


Where to eat:  Restaurant del Cap de Creus. The setting: overlooking the cliffs in a stunning old building with a lighthouse. They serve a wide range of local dishes like escalivada (roasted vegetables), paella, and Cap de Creus anchovies. They also serve international dishes like a wide range of Indian curries. For this view, the prices are economic too!

They also book a few apartments here too! The price is competitive at 80 to 100 euros a day. They welcome couples and families too. Check out this cute little Cap de Creus apartment here.IMG_8505

Another idea: have a picnic like this couple in the distance. A perfect place to propose, maybe?

Cadaqués: Dali’s Haven

I’ve been to Cadaqués once before, and it’s still enchanting as I remember. To get there, you have to drive through a few kilometers of a winding two-way road. Luckily, I wasn’t driving. I did, however, find myself hitting on the imaginary brakes every time my husband turned a tight corner!

It’s all about the azure blue. This restaurant’s vine-wrapped courtyard reminds us who loved this town.


Spring is the perfect time to come. The leaves are green again, the flowers are blooming, and the weather was juuuust right.


You can just zone out looking at the white buildings and hearing the soft waves.


I’m getting ideas for my city balcony: white paint, exposed bricks, terra cotta pottery, and some greenery.


The grand church overlooking the bay — Església de Santa María.


Every small bay needs cute little boats for decor.

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Have you been to Cap de Creus? Did you find it as beautiful as I did? Have any questions? Let me know in the comments!

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