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Best Costa Brava Towns for a Road Trip

Just call it the “coast gone wild” or, in other words, the Costa Brava. While this northeastern region of Spain is famous for its rocky coast and long stretches of sand, it also has medieval

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Getaway from Barcelona: Madrid, Spain

Best Weekend Getaways from Barcelona by Train or Bus

While Barcelona is an all-in-one destination of beaches, culture, architecture, and gastronomy, there’s still a world of possibilities beyond its city limits. And if you live in Barcelona like me,

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Practical Guide to Planning a Trip to Spain

Practical Guide to Planning a Trip to Spain Spain boasts historic medieval castles, exquisite Mediterranean gastronomy, and a fiesta-inspiring culture. If you’ve always wanted to go to Spain, it’s

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Montserrat: A Must-See Trip Outside Barcelona

Just 30 minutes outside of Barcelona by car, Montserrat is a tranquil,

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Afternoon trips from Barcelona

Kid-Friendly Day Trips from Barcelona

Kid-Friendly Day Trips from Barcelona While Barcelona is a destination that has it all, you’d be surprised to find out about the richness and variety of places outside the city. Whether it’s

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The 20 Best Day Trips from Barcelona

So many Barcelona day trips, so little coffee. While Barcelona is a traveler’s dream, the surrounding area of Catalonia is extraordinary. If you’re visiting the Catalan capital, I highly recommend

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A Spain attraction, Segovia Alcazar

Famous Landmarks in Spain: A Virtual Tour

Famous Landmarks in Spain: A Virtual Tour Besides Antonio Banderas, what makes Spain a bewitching country? It’s topped up with bouldered Roman aqueducts, golden Baroque cathedrals, elaborate Moorish

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Weekend Break in Northeast Spain: Cap de Creus and Cadaques

They say that, to have better overall health and well-being, it’s more beneficial to take a short trip than a weeks-long trip. I’m so with this. A few weeks ago, my family drove up north to the Costa

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Best Cities in Spain to Put on Your Itinerary

It’s easy – and unfair – to pin Spain as merely the land of bulls, sangria, and Antonio Banderas. In reality, it’s a diverse mosaic of regional cultures and languages. From the

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Best Beaches in Spain - Mallorca

Beautiful Beaches in Spain to Put on Your Itinerary

Beautiful beaches in Spain to put on your itinerary The coast of Spain touches the Mediterranean Sea to the south and east and the rough Atlantic Ocean to the North and West. It also includes our exotic

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