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Before you go

How to Dress in Barcelona According to Season. Should you pack your flip flops in March? (Answer: No.)

For more details during the seasons:

What to wear in Barcelona in the Winter

What to wear in Barcelona in the spring

What to wear in Barcelona in the summer

What to wear in Barcelona in the fall

Barcelona events and festivals all year

Visiting Barcelona in March 2024

Visiting Barcelona in April 2024

Visiting Barcelona in May 2024

Visiting Barcelona in June 2024

Visiting Barcelona in July 2023

Visiting Barcelona in August 2023

Visiting Barcelona in September 2023

Neighborhood Guide and the Best Places to Stay in Barcelona

Avoid the Crowds in Barcelona. What can I say, I’m American! I’m a little hypersensitive about space.

How to Avoid Pickpockets and Enjoy Barcelona. No, I’ve never been a victim of petty theft (eyeballs quickly dart to the floor).

My top Barcelona travel tips for first-timers

How to Eat and Drink Like a Spaniard Yes, the dinner at 10 pm is real (tummy grumbles).

What souvenirs to buy in Barcelona

Best Souvenirs and Gifts to buy in Spain

Where to find the best shopping in Barcelona


Barcelona itinerary: 5 days

Barcelona 4-day itinerary when you can be more leisurely

Barcelona 3-day itinerary  to see the important sites at a decent pace

Barcelona 2-day itinerary

Barcelona: 1-day itinerary when you’re pressed for time

A Complete Guide to the Best Day trips from Barcelona You think Barcelona is amazing? The region of Catalonia will is underrated. Packed with practical information like how to get there.

Posts for families with kids

100+ Things To Do With Kids in Barcelona. Stop the tantrums before they start. Find out where to take the little knuckleheads. (I got kids, I can say that.) It has the Top 15 at the top!

Things to do in Barcelona with Teens

Barcelona with a Toddler or Baby: A Complete Guide

Spain with a Toddler or Baby: A Complete Guide

What to Pack for Barcelona: Babies and Toddlers

Foods your kids will like in a Barcelona restaurant

Kid snacks you can buy in Barcelona supermarkets

A Barcelona Gothic Quarter tour for families

Food and drink in Barcelona

Barcelona Food Guide: What and Where to Eat

Best Street Food in Barcelona

Where to eat the best paella in Barcelona

How to Eat and Drink like a Spaniard

Sips, Sites, and Bites: Review of Eye on Food Tours, Barcelona

Foods your kids will like in a Barcelona restaurant

Fideuà vs. Paella: The Spanish Dish Showdown

Popular and offbeat places

Barcelona Hidden Gems: Secret Spots from a Local’s Perspective

Guide to visiting the Sagrada Família

Guide to Visiting Casa Batlló

12 Things to Do at Ciutadella Park. Because the ducks here are starving. And I want you to feed them.

Parc del Laberint

La Casa dels Entremesos: where the giant puppets live, kids will love it.

CosmoCaixa: An Interactive Science Museum in Barcelona

Getting Morbid at Museu Blau

Montserrat: the serrated mountains that are worth a day trip

Parc del Clot and its Magnificent Arches

Park Guell, Spain’s Most Colorful Park. I will hurt you if you don’t come here.

The Bizarre Frederic Marès Museum

Why You Should Visit Barcelona’s Largest Flea Market, Encants Vells. Because you know you want to buy a water pitcher from 1943.

Tours to take

A gourmet tour with Food Tours Barcelona

A fun History and food tour with Eye on Food Tours

Taking a refreshing bike tour through the city with Steel Donkeys

A Kid-Friendly, Family tour in the Gothic Quarter with Runner Bean Tours

A few places for inspiration

Passeig de Gracia: A Guide to the Most Expensive Avenue in Spain. This is totally where the Kardashians would shop. In spiked heels.

Planning for Spain

The Best Google Sheets Trip Planner: How to Plan an Epic Vacation with a Simple Spreadsheet

What to wear in Spain according to season

Spain Summer Fashion: Guide to Dressing for Sun and Style

Popular Spanish Clothing Brands to Upgrade Your Style

The Best Souvenirs and gifts in Spain

Practical Guide for planning a trip to Spain

Spain with a Toddler or Baby: A Complete Guide

Best cities in Spain to visit

Famous Landmarks in Spain: A Virtual tour

Good Spanish Movies to Learn about Spain

Other cities outside Barcelona

What to see and do in Seville

What to eat in Madrid

What to do in Málaga, Spain

So, take off your shoes (not your socks, that’s gross). And relax and stick around. Then leave me a note at [email protected] if you find something useful. Chao chao!