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Best Costa Brava Towns for a Road Trip

Just call it the “coast gone wild” or, in other words, the Costa Brava. While this northeastern region of Spain is famous for its rocky coast and long stretches of sand, it also has medieval

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Family-Friendly Campsites and Hotels outside Barcelona

It’s healthy for parents to take a vacation away from their kids. But what if you have no choice – and have to take them with you? Well, then you’ll definitely need to stay at a good

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What to pack for Barcelona: babies and toddlers

Are you traveling to Barcelona with a toddler or baby? I’m sure you’re excited to come to this marvelous city, but you have doubts about what you’ll need. Will my stroller fit in on the

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Getaway from Barcelona: Madrid, Spain

Best Weekend Getaways from Barcelona by Train or Bus

While Barcelona is an all-in-one destination of beaches, culture, architecture, and gastronomy, there’s still a world of possibilities beyond its city limits. And if you live in Barcelona like me,

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Plaça Sant Agustí Vell, a romantic square in Barcelona

Romantic Spots in Barcelona

Romantic Spots in Barcelona Combine Barcelona’s sunny weather with the sensuality of the city: the elegant modernist buildings in Eixample, unspoiled historic monuments, and bewildering views. Barcelona

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passport wallet travel

Find the Best RFID Passport Wallet, Women’s Edition

Find the Best RFID Passport Wallet, Women’s Edition Whether you’re traveling to Barcelona or shopping at your local strip mall, you’ll want to make sure your credit card and other sensitive

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Practical Guide to Planning a Trip to Spain

Practical Guide to Planning a Trip to Spain Spain boasts historic medieval castles, exquisite Mediterranean gastronomy, and a fiesta-inspiring culture. If you’ve always wanted to go to Spain, it’s

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Holi Festival - Depositphotos

Barcelona Festivals, Events, and Holidays 2021

Barcelona Festivals, Events, and Holidays 2021 Come to Barcelona any day of the year, and you’re guaranteed to find the right event for you. Religious celebrations, concerts, food fairs, or a Mexican

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Christmas at Sagrada Familia

Fun Christmas Activities for Kids in Barcelona 2020

Celebrating Christmas in Barcelona is a unique experience. For one thing, where else can get presents from the Catalan Christmas log, the tió de nadal? Obviously, Christmas events are run a little differently

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Park Guell Barcelona

Barcelona tips and tricks for visitors 2021

I’ve been a resident of Barcelona for over 10 years, and oftentimes, I still feel like a tourist. This happens usually when I’m wandering with the crowds in Gothic Quarter or Born, or passing

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