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The Most Unpretentious Wine Bars in Barcelona

Are you a Wine Geek? And you can’t stand Wine Snobs? You know, those people who scoff at you if you don’t constantly speak of body, palate, and even legs? Well, here are snob-free wine bars

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A high-end food tour in Barcelona. More than just tapas!

Food Tours Barcelona: Review of Evolution of Catalan Gastronomy Tour

Barcelona as a food destination consistently draws curious crowds, lured by the Mediterranean traditional fare and avant-garde Catalan cuisine. So if you’re visiting Barcelona,  joining a food tour

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What to eat in Madrid: A Food Guide for First-Time Visitors

From its dark, rustic taverns to the new wave of creative dessert joints, Madrid has an exciting foodscape of Mediterranean flavors and beyond. If you’re a first-time visitor, you’re about

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Foods your kids will like in a Barcelona restaurant

Barcelona is a foodie’s dream. When it comes to your kids and food, could it be their dream too? And not a cold, sweaty nightmare? You wonder… “Is it really all fried foods?” “What

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Kid snacks you can buy in Barcelona

Kid snacks you can buy in Barcelona supermarkets

Sometimes when you’re traveling with your kids, you want to feed them with snacks that are inexpensive, healthy-ish, and convenient to throw in your purse. Ya know, something to hold them over until

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Espadrilles. Photo by Ciboulette via Pexels

Gifts for Barcelona lovers that you can order online

Maybe you’ve recently taken a trip to Barcelona. But you forgot to buy a few gifts for friends and family. Or maybe you had such a memorable time…and you’re pining to taste, feel, or

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La Taperia: Scrumptious Tapas at the Elegant El Nacional

Seems when people come to Barcelona, they’re always on the hunt for delicious tapas and a bottle of sangría. People who have never been to Barcelona, I got you – Enter La Taperia at El Nacional.  If

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La Plaça: The new Gastro Market at El Corte Ingles

El Corte Ingles has needed to update their top-story restaurant for awhile. Even though it matched most El Corte Ingles cafeterias all around Spain, which was boringly just called “La Cafeteria”,

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LeccaBaffi, Mustache-Lickin’ Good Italian Food

Delicious Italian food in Barcelona? Oh, yes. I had the pleasure of sharing some Mediterranean carbs with a few lovely ladies / Barcelona food bloggers at LeccaBaffi, a new Italian deli and shop in Eixample.

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Get Juicy at Mother: Cold-Pressed Organic Juices

It’s been one long, hot, humid summer in Barcelona. AS USUAL. While an ice cream is always a tasty, fattening treat to cool this hot bod down, I had a much healthier alternative in mind. Enter: Mother. No,

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