Ideal, a family-friendly cafe restaurant in Poblenou

Post updated February 17, 2018.

Brrr! We finally have cold weather after a questionably warm December. You know me, I love the sun, but when you’re just wearing a light sweater in mid-December in Barcelona, I get a little worried. Now who says global warming is false??

It’s so cold that sometimes that I get a little lazy to get out of my flat when the heat’s turned up and I’m cozying up in my faux alpaca blanket. BUT I got my buns out the door this weekend. And I took the bus with my fam bam to a cute little kid-friendly cafe in Poblenou. Enter: Ideal.

Ideal Poblenou1

It’s in Poblenou on the pedestrian street called Maria Aguiló, popular for traditional bars, restaurants, and lots of kid-friendly shops, bookstores, toy stores, and cafeterias.

And it’s looong and narrow like lots of these restaurants in the area. But it’s comfortable and warm if it’s not packed.

Ideal Poblenou2

They had a sweet menu of homemade American-style desserts on display like strawberry cheesecake and brownies with walnuts. Me? I opted for the apple pie, and this one comes with a Latin twist — topped with dulce de leche. I can’t say no to that.

Ideal Poblenou3

They also had many gluten-free options on the menu + organic teas and other eco-conscious products.

They also a fixed-price lunch menu…for 9 euros! That includes an appetizer, main dish, drink, dessert and coffee. For today, it looks like they have an avocado, orange and sesame salad + a spinach and chickpea stew. Doesn’t that sound delicious? The menu’s updated on their Facebook page almost every day!

Ideal Poblenou4

So, if you’re like me, and you’ve got little ones, Ideal is a chill place to bring the kiddos. They can play with these spinning maze toys on the wall, and several toys and books are on shelves towards the back of the restaurant.

Ideal Poblenou5

They’ve also got a patio area in the back, which must be so refreshing in the summer. If I go back, I’ll let you know!


Ideal’s Facebook page

Calle De Marià Aguiló 99, 08005

Barcelona, Spain

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