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Las Ramblas: Barcelona’s Vibrant Promenade

It’s entertaining and often gritty. And it’s a must-see in Barcelona — Las Ramblas. Before going, I wondered if we’d see Ronaldinho performing tricks of fancy footwork with his

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Mercat de Mercats – The Mother of Markets

  I’d been wanting to go to the Mercat de Mercats ever since its first event four years ago. I kept missing this feast for the eyes and stomach. This annual food fair features local vendors

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Our Local Party: Festa de Sant Martí

I live in a quiet and off-center neighborhood of Barcelona, Sant Martí. It’s still in the city, but you will definitely not see any tourists with a large map unfolded before them. We have good schools,

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Why You Should Visit Cadaques

Described by Salvador Dalí as “the most beautiful village in the world”, Cadaqués has proven to be that charming seaside town with a refreshing feel. This well-preserved town has attracted

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