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American Goods I Bring Back to Spain (and Foods I Make)

A few months ago, I sat down with my family to chow down on our routine weekend breakfast — homemade pancakes. I tipped over my bottle of American-imported maple syrup only to see a few piddly drops

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Glòries: Recreating an Epicenter

The cityscape of Barcelona is getting a makeover. The Torre Agbar, the Centro Comercial Les Glòries, Encants Vells flea market, and the new DHUB design center all call Glòries home. Soon the transforming

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Ten Reasons Why Barcelona is a Smart City

Barcelona is the first city in Spain coined a “Smart City” and is named the fifth overall in Europe in 2013 ahead of Paris, Stockholm, and London. And with all the noise about the Mobile World Congress

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Handmade Love at Museu Marítim

 It was a long two days. I had two kids at home with crusty eyes and goopy snot coming out of their noses. I was the official booger wiper, mess cleaner,

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Mercat de Mercats – The Mother of Markets

  I’d been wanting to go to the Mercat de Mercats ever since its first event four years ago. I kept missing this feast for the eyes and stomach. This annual food fair features local vendors

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Our Local Party: Festa de Sant Martí

I live in a quiet and off-center neighborhood of Barcelona, Sant Martí. It’s still in the city, but you will definitely not see any tourists with a large map unfolded before them. We have good schools,

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