Getting Morbid at Museu Blau


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Located at Barcelona’s modern Parc del Forum, the Museu Blau’s other moniker is the Museu de Ciencies Naturales (Natural Science Museum). The new museum, which found its new home in 2011, is in a massive space of 9,000 square meters.

The permanent exhibition of Museu Blau is Planet Life, which explores all past forms of life: the microscopic to the behemoth, the prehistoric to the modern-day.

My favorite part is the extensive collection of taxidermied animals in their glass casing. While I wouldn’t be able to stomach a Human Bodies exhibition, THIS I can do. Let’s take a closer look, shall we?

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Museu Blau means “blue museum” in Catalan, and blue it is.

Museu Blau Barcelona

Suspended above the staircase, a huge replica of a whale’s skeleton greets visitors.

Museu Blau Barcelona

For children who can’t keep their hands to themselves, the Nido de Ciencia (Science Nest) gives kids an educational sensory experience. During a 30-minute session, kids (and parents) can smell leaves, touch different animal skins, or see microscopic creatures in an enclosed space.

Museu Blau BarcelonaCan you identify these rocks based on their color, structure, hardness, grain size, or specific gravity?
Museu Blau Barcelona

Different animal skins and feathers that you’re invited to touch. Do you know which animals they could belong to? Oooh, I’d love to see a larger version of these draped across my sofa (a fake one of course).

Museu Blau Barcelona

You’re encouraged to pick up specimens with your hands or tweezers.

Museu Blau Barcelona A poisonous tarantula, snippy scorpions, and other creepy crawlies you don’t dare getting next to in real life.

Museu Blau Barcelona

And as I mentioned above, the taxidermied animals! Prepared, stuffed, and mounted just so we can get upclose and personal without getting mauled.

Museu Blau Barcelona

We’re not afraid of you…lion!

Museu Blau Barcelona Spider crabs and other mollusky critters.
Museu Blau Barcelona

Could this strange fish really grow to the size of a human?

Museu Blau BarcelonaAnother question is — what do these animals get stuffed with?

Museu Blau BarcelonaMuseu Blau Barcelona

There was still so much left to explore. All in all, a highly recommended place to visit. 🙂

Museu Blau Barcelona

Museu Blau is FREE after 3pm on Sundays!

We arrived in the morning, kicking ourselves when we found out. It’s still pretty inexpensive though. Prices and timetables/schedule here.

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