Junk or Treasure? The Sunday Market at Sant Antoni

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For movie fanatics, memorabillia collectors, book enthusiasts, frikis, or comic nerds in Barcelona, Sant Antoni’s Sunday market is for you.

If you’ve never hit up the Mercat Dominical de Sant Antoni, you haven’t seen the rows and rows of vendors selling dusty books and music in all formats from yesteryear.

Let’s say you can’t find Top Gun, the unedited version. It’s not on eBay or Amazon. So chances are you may find it randomly sandwiched between an “MS-DOS for Dummies 1992” and “Jane Fonda’s Low Impact Workout Video” circa 1985 (I’m totally making this stuff up btw).

SantAntoni6One time I saw an elderly man who was so desperate to find his TV series that he walked around with a sign across his chest that read something like, “I’m looking for Greatest American Hero, season 5 VHS”. Me, I don’t really get that kinda manic collecting. *shrugs shoulders*

Even if you’re not a collector, the market is still worth taking a peek and stroll down memory lane. People come on Sundays to peruse the goods + gawk at what’s still floating out there in past pop culture.

Come see what’s inside Sant Antoni’s Sunday morning market…


DVDs are categorized here by male actors in the starring role. I wonder how small the female actors section is, right, ladies?!


Action figures! The only one I recognize is Brandon Lee in “The Crow”. What about you??


Rocky! Rocky! Rocky!


I’m a sucker for these vintage postcards and illustrations. I bought a bunch of them and hung them on tiny clothespins in my daughter’s room. They’re still there after 7 years 😛


Lovely, right?



This is the crowds outside the market. Know what they’re doing? Trading…trading cards! Football mostly. But we’ve taken our 7-year-old daughter here to trade her Gorjuss cards (if you don’t know who that is, it’s an illustration of a dainty-looking, black-haired girl).


Have you been to the Sant Antoni market?

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