How to Care For Your Caga Tió (Catalan Pooping Christmas Log)

If you want presents on Christmas Eve, you’ve gotta do some work:

Give your caga tió some tender lovin’ care.

And if you’ve never heard of him…

The caga tió is a log with a face on it. And he poops presents for Catalan children on Christmas Eve.


So if you have a caga tió, you should’ve taken him out on December 8th, the day of the Immaculate Conception.

If not, and you’re in Barcelona, head over to Santa Llúcia Fair or the Sagrada Familia Fair.

Because it’s time to get your caga tió RIGHT NOW. 

So you can tell all your friends about this beautiful Catalan tradition.

And for the next two weeks, you’re gonna nurture him like you’ve never nurtured a piece of dead lumber before.

Caga Tió Checklist

  1. Make sure he’s a damn log.
  2. Red Barretina cap (a traditional hat worn in Catalonia).
  3. A nose that sticks out.
  4. His body is perched on two smaller sticks as forelegs. Because Christmas logs only need two front legs.
  5. A broad, beaming smile.
  6. Optional: pipe (for character).

caga tios

Where to place your Caga Tió

When you bring your caga tió home, put him in the living room or dining room. Or just find a place where we can see him everyday. We don’t want to forget about the joy he brings.

Or worse, forget to feed him.

Remember: the goal for having him around is so he can poop…presents.

Caga Tió

Feeding your Caga tió

Every evening after dinner, save the peel from your oranges, tangerines, or other fruit. And put it near him. Remember, he can’t get very far. You don’t want to see him dragging himself around the house like a paraplegic zombie scavenging for food. Because, remember, he doesn’t have any hind legs. Usually.

Other foods he may like: turrón, stale bread, cookies. But just stick to fruit, kids, because you gotta eat your fruit to grow healthy and strong. *wink*

Just don’t give him vodka.

Photo by Calafellvelo via Flickr

Caring for your caga tió at night

Before you go to bed, make sure you put a warm blanket on him, preferably wool. You wouldn’t want him to freeze to death. Who wants to wake up the next morning to find your caga tió all stiff and belly up?

Cover up the trunk of his body with his face sticking out so he can eat. Now he’s nice and cozy and ready to feast.

I love my cute caga tió.

Let it grow, let it grow, let it grow.

If you feed your caga tió every night, you’ll see him get bigger and bigger. (Or maybe not. Depends if your parents wanna buy a few different size caga tiós and change him out every few days.)

Awesome, right? That means you’re eating your fruits and giving him the nourishment he needs to poo presents!

Photo by Ajuntament de Sant Llorenç d’Hortons via Flickr

Christmas Eve. What time is it?

Time to drop a load or seven!

Gather ’round the the caga tió and grab a stick. Because it’s time to literally beat the crap out of it.

And sing some of “Caga Tió” songs like:

Caga, Tió – “Shit, Log”
Tió de Nadal – “Christmas log”
no caguis arengades – “don’t shit sardines”
que són salades -“because they’re salty”
caga torrons – “shit turron”
que són més bons! – “because they’re better!”

Then watch your caga tió make its magic. While a parent pulls the presents from under the blanket.

Perhaps you got some chocolate, turron, or other small gifts. That’s great!

But maybe your caga tió isn’t done pooping presents.

So you better go in the other room and wet your sticks. The tió needs to rest so he can take another crap.

And you should say a prayer too while you’re at it. And hope that the GoPro camera you asked for is riding down his anal canal in the meantime.

When you come back, the tió will be ready for another round of flagellation.

Sing another “caga tió” song and keep beating him up. He should poop more presents.

Photo via Calafellvalo via Flickr


Good for you for caring for your caga tió!

He’s the shit, right?

How to care

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