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Christmas at Sagrada Familia

Fun Christmas Activities for Kids in Barcelona 2020

Celebrating Christmas in Barcelona is a unique experience. For one thing, where else can get presents from the Catalan Christmas log, the tió de nadal? Obviously, Christmas events are run a little differently

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Things to do in Barcelona at Christmas: Magical Christmas activities

Magical Christmas Activities in Barcelona 2020

Magical Christmas Activities in Barcelona 2020 Bon Nadal, Bones Festes! Want to get holiday mood, indulge yourself in the festivities, feel that special holiday magic that only comes once a year? Welcome

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How to Care For Your Caga Tió (Tió de Nadal, Catalan Christmas Log)

If you want presents on Christmas Eve, you’ve gotta do some work: Give your tió de nadal some tender lovin’ care. And if you’ve never heard of him… The tió de nadal is a log with a face on

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Caga Tió, A Crapping Christmas Icon

He’s a defecating log with an exuberant smile on his face. And he brings holiday joy to Catalan children every Christmas. I don’t really quite remember the exact moment when I heard about the

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Barcelona’s Non-Traditional Nativity Scene: Yay or Nay?

My family and I arrived at Plaça Sant Jaume to check out an awesome annual Christmas tradition in Barcelona. That would be the city’s official pessebre vivent, or living Nativity scene. It’s usually

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Christmas Market at the Sagrada Familia

Spain is a late-to-bed, late-to-rise kind of country. There are times when you can take advantage of this — especially when trying to enjoy crowded events

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Christmas at the Santa Llúcia Fair

The month of December is chock full of holiday-inspired activities in Barcelona. The downside is that you have to pick and choose which are worthwhile events because it’s impossible to fit them all

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City of Lights

Barcelona at night is glistening right now. With all its holiday lights illuminating the streets, the city was beckoning us to come out and enjoy the Christmas glory. We intentionally left at late afternoon

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