Steel Donkey Bike Tours: Biking Through Barcelona

Imagine this. You’re cruising on your bike along a breezy promenade lined with seafood restaurants while momentarily glancing at the Mediterranean Sea. You see a colossal golden fish sculpture glistening

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Giants Museum in Barcelona

Barcelona Family Tours: The Gothic Quarter with Runner Bean Tours

Walking tours are a quick, punchy way to get to know the roots of a city. But, for a kid, most walking tours are as interesting as watching paint dry on stucco. Enter: The Runner Bean Kids & Family

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The Most Unpretentious Wine Bars in Barcelona

Are you a Wine Geek? And you can’t stand Wine Snobs? You know, those people who scoff at you if you don’t constantly speak of body, palate, and even legs? Well, here are snob-free wine bars

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What to Buy in Barcelona: Souvenirs and Gifts

While Barcelona has its share of cheeseball souvenir shops filled with Gaudí mosaic bulls, it also has hushed boutiques, generations-old specialty shops, and one-stop-shop department stores overflowing

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How to Avoid Pickpockets in Barcelona

ContentsHow to Avoid Pickpockets in BarcelonaTips to outsmart pickpockets1. Don’t look or act like a tourist.2. Carry a crossbody purse.3. If you’re just carrying a wallet, keep it in your

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What to Wear in Spain According to Season

Don’t know what to pack for Spain? If you’re planning a multi-city trip, assembling your Spain outfits can be tricky. You may have to dress for different types of weather! After all, Spain

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Inside the Sagrada Familia: Tips for Your Visit

ContentsInside the Sagrada Familia: Tips for Your VisitUseful and interesting factsShould I see the Sagrada Familia interior?Is going up the Sagrada Familia towers worth it?Nativity Tower or Passion TowerWhich

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Barcelona clothes in the spring

What to wear in Barcelona in the spring

You’ve bought your plane ticket, and you’re coming to Barcelona in the spring. Time to pack your strappy dresses and flip-flops! Or not? Planning your outfits for Barcelona can be tricky because

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Barcelona, things to see: La Boqueria of colorful fruits, meants

How to Spend 4 Days in Barcelona

ContentsHow to Spend 4 days in BarcelonaWhat to see in Barcelona in 4 daysSave money in BarcelonaWhere to Stay in BarcelonaDAY 1DAY 2DAY 3DAY 4Recommended tours by me4-Day Cheat Sheet4-Day Itinerary, Barcelona:

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What to do in Seville, Spain

3 days in Seville: Things to Do and See

Seville is the birthplace of Spanish stereotypes: fruity sangria, passionate bullfights, and fiery flamenco. But it’s more than that. It’s the Sevillanos’ spirited nature, their never-changing Andalusian

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The Visionary Urban Design of the Eixample District, Barcelona

In 2008, when I first moved to Sant Antoni, a neighborhood in the Eixample district (pronounced ‘eshampla’) of Barcelona, I was overwhelmed by the endless blocks and blocks of buildings. And on

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A 3 Day Itinerary of places to see in Barcelona

Plan Your Barcelona Itinerary: 3 Days Guide + Practical Tips

ContentsPlan Your Barcelona Itinerary: 3 Days Guide + Practical TipsWhat to see in Barcelona in 3 daysSave time and money in BarcelonaDAY 1Day 2Day 3Evening and Dinner Options for Any DayWhere to stay

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Sips, Sites, and Bites: Review of Eye on Food Tours, Barcelona

In Barcelona, the trends of food trucks, brunch spots, and hip restaurants with Instagram-ready neon signs don’t seem to be dying off anytime soon. While these modern hot spots are all fine

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