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Find the Best RFID Passport Wallet, Women’s Edition

Find the Best RFID Passport Wallet, Women’s Edition Whether you’re traveling to Barcelona or shopping at your local strip mall, you’ll want to make sure your credit card and other sensitive

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Buyer's Guide: The Best anti-theft travel bags 2018

Buyer’s Guide: Best Anti-Theft Travel Bags 2021

BUYER’S GUIDE: BEST ANTI-THEFT TRAVEL BAGS 2021 Compare the best travel purse for Europe or Asia, or wherever you’re going. No matter how prepared you think you are for traveling, it may be

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Pickpocket-Proof Travel Clothing with Hidden Pockets

When I first visited Rome, I was 14. My family had been warned about pickpockets. So my mom had a genius idea to keep her money safe. She sewed a huge pocket inside the front panel of her underwear to

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Compare the best anti-theft backpacks for travel

Best Anti-Theft Backpacks for Travel 2021

BEST ANTI-THEFT BACKPACKS FOR TRAVEL 2021 Are you nervous that you’ll get your money or passport stolen on your trip? Of course, vigilance is the best way to prevent pickpockets from stealing your stuff.

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Espadrilles. Photo by Ciboulette via Pexels

Gifts for Barcelona lovers that you can order online

Maybe you’ve recently taken a trip to Barcelona. But you forgot to buy a few gifts for friends and family. Or maybe you had such a memorable time…and you’re pining to taste, feel, or

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What to Buy in Barcelona: Souvenirs and Gifts

Barcelona has its share of cheeseball souvenir shops filled with Gaudí mosaic bulls. But it also has hushed boutiques, generations-old specialty shops, and one-stop-shop department stores overflowing

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