Pickpocket-Proof Travel Clothing with Hidden Pockets


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When I first visited Rome, I was 14. My family had been warned about pickpockets. So my mom had a genius idea to keep her money safe. She sewed a huge pocket inside the front panel of her underwear to hide our money. And she didn’t get robbed! Fast forward to today. Now, they sell pickpocket-proof underwear with hidden pockets. My mom should have patented the secret pocket underwear in the 90s! Seriously. Now, there are all kinds of anti-theft travel clothing with hidden pockets. From the classic money belt and neck pouches to socks with secret pockets, here are some sneaky ways to hide your money from pickpockets.

Travel clothing with hidden pockets


Women’s travel jacket with hidden pockets

Best travel jacket: women's
Stylish women’s jacket with hidden pockets

With this multi-pocket travel jacket with secret pockets, you don’t even have to carry a purse! It has 19 pockets: 12 internal, 6 external, and a tablet pocket that fits an iPad Pro. It’s an A-line cut which makes it flattering for any figure. This women’s jacket with hidden pockets also is wrinkle-resistant, water-repellant, and has a removable hood. It also has a system for carrying your electronics and gadgets to run your cables through. Brilliant!

Check prices for the best travel jacket for women

Women’s travel coat with hidden pockets

Women's pick pocket proof coat
It comes in 3 colors

This fashionable trench coat is water-resistant and stain-resistant, so you stay dry if you get stuck in the rain. It also has 20 pockets in total: 11 interior and six exterior pockets. It has a tablet pocket, phone pocket, camera pocket, sleeve pockets, and more! It even has a detachable hood. It’s perfect if you’re traveling during the shoulder season. It comes in black, tan, and gray. 

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Men’s travel jacket with hidden pockets

Men's clothes with stash pockets

This high-quality multi-pocket travel jacket has a whopping 22 pockets! It even has 2 internal pockets with clear touch panels to put your phone in. It fits an iPad and has a cable network so you can thread your earphone cables through. It’s not warm enough for the winter but more for shoulder season. This hidden pocket jacket will definitely confuse pickpockets!

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Warm hoodie with secret pockets

Hoodies with secret pockets

If you want a relaxed athleisure look but want to hide your stash, try this microfleece hoodie. You can’t tell that it has 21 pockets! It also has room for an iPad or a tablet on the inside. You can carry your sunglasses, passport, keys, and whatever you need. This secret pocket hoodie would be the perfect gift for a traveling teenager.

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Travel vest with hidden pockets

Travel clothes, hidden pockets: One of the best men's travel vests with pockets
The SCOTTeVEST travel vest, men
Travel vest with pockets
The SCOTTeVEST travel vest, women’s.

SCOTTeVEST makes some of the best travel vests with hidden pockets. It looks simple on the outside, but it’s crazy-loaded with 9 pockets. It has five spacious chest pockets, and you can even fit an iPad in a special pocket. The perfect airplane vest if you’re traveling solo! Warm, cozy, and sturdy, it’s fantastic for cool weather. It also looks pretty stylish too.

Check prices for the men’s travel vest with pockets

Check prices for the women’s travel vest with pockets

Tops and Bottoms

Men’s travel shorts with hidden pockets

Hidden pockets shorts for men
Anti-theft shorts

These versatile travel shorts have 8 deep pockets. None of the pockets zip, but there’s are two concealed secret pockets called “key pockets” in the front. They’re water-resistant and stain-resistant and are ideal for city trekking or even hiking. These secret pocket shorts also come in pebble, blue, and grey!

Check prices for these pickpocket-proof travel shorts

Women’s travel shorts with security pockets

pickpocket proof shorts
Hidden pocket shorts

These cargo shorts are ideal for travel or hiking. It has 7 pockets and one small security pocket for your keys, ID card, or cash on the right top. It’s also breathable and gives you good mobility and is perfect for traveling all day!

Check prices for these women’s shorts with secret pockets 

Men’s travel pants with hidden pockets

Travel clothes with hidden pockets: pantsThese men’s pick pocket-proof pants for men have 8 pockets: 2 shallow pockets with a change pocket and 2 back pockets. The “hidden” pockets are the 2 deep pockets that run way down, to almost the knees. Pickpockets will definitely not be digging that low!

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Women’s Best travel pants with hidden pockets

Secret pocket pants
Women’s pants with secret pockets

Pockets are great. But pockets with zippers are better! TheSCOTTeVEST Margaux Cargaux has 11 pockets to put your keys or passport. (The most secret pocket is the key pocket in the front.) It also has hidden ankle ties, which means you can convert them into capris. It has an elastic waistband to hide your pooch, without looking like your grandma’s trousers. With so many pockets, you’re bound to confuse pickpockets!

Check prices for these women’s travel pants with hidden pockets

Pick pocket-proof versatile leggings with hidden pockets

pick pocket proof leggings with hidden pockets

Okay, leggings lovers. If you like the cozy fit of stretchy, flexy leggings, and you want to hide your money, these are the versatile, stylish travel pants for you. There are perfect to wear under a long blouse or sweater if you don’t want to show the bulge of your stuff. These leggings by Dragon Fit have two hidden pockets at the waist in the front and the back.

Buy these women’s travel pants with hidden pockets

Sexy bootcut pants with inside pockets

Hidden pocket pants

This isn’t marketed as travel pants, but I love how these pants because 1) they have a hidden pocket in the waistband AND 2) the flared cut (can we just face the fact that they make the leg look leaner than the skinny-jean tapered cut nowadays?)!  If you pair them with the right sexy top and right shoe, they’d be good for going out and partying. No purse is needed. It also 350+ gets rave reviews!

Check prices for these pants with a hidden pocket

Travel dress with a hidden pocket

Women's travel clothing hidden pockets
Pickpocket proof women’s clothing. Gotcha!

Need a dress with a secure pocket? It has two pockets accessible under each arm. Pair it with practically anything: strappy sandals, thigh-high black boots, or even the now-trendy ugly sneaker! This travel dress with secret pockets runs a little small. Colors come in black and gray.

Check prices for this travel dress with hidden pockets

Travel shirt with a hidden zippered pocket

Hidden pocket shirt
One of the best men’s shirts with hidden pockets

This anti-pickpocket t-shirt hides a passport, money, and your cell phone, and it’s all right in front of you. Its discreet and almost-invisible pocket design will foil pickpockets. With the pocket right up front, you have your stuff extremely accessible. It comes in black, grey, and white.

Check prices for this t-shirt with hidden pockets

Women’s shirt with inside pockets

Chambray shirts never go out of style

Scott eVest makes some of the best (and rare!) women’s travel shirts with hidden pockets. It’s a classic and timeless denim blouse you can wear for daytime or evening. It has 5 pockets: 2 upper chest pockets, 2 lower chest pockets, and one front hidden pocket.

Check prices for this secret pocket shirt

A tank top with secret pockets
One of the sneakiest travel shirts with hidden pocketsYou just can’t go wrong with a black tank top. You can go running in it. You can add a necklace to dress it up. OR, you can use it as a base layer under your blouse or shirt. And why not have it hide your stuff too? This tank top has two pockets that zip on opposite sides. They’re unisex, so men and women can take advantage of these tops. You can fit a passport, cash, and even a cell phone.

Check prices for this tank top with hidden pockets

Vockets Hidden Pocket Women’s Tank Top

Hidden pockets clothing tank top

Alternatively, here’s another tank top with pockets. The pockets on this sleeveless top are slim and deep, and are placed lower, along the rib cage. Readers love it because they never feel like their stuff can fall out of their pockets!

Check prices for this sleeveless top with pockets

Hidden Wallets, Pouches, and Pockets

Peak Gear Travel Money Belttravel waist bagIt’s a classic travel pouch, and it works. This hidden money belt goes under your clothing discreetly right around your waist. It’s comfortable, slim, and light, and has two strong YKK zipper pouches. It also has built-in RFID blocking and $250 theft protection insurance. What?! With over 2,000+ positive reviews on Amazon, this money belt by Peak Gear looks like the best travel money belt!

Check prices for this travel waist pouch

RFID Blocking Stash Neck Pouch

It's like a hidden wallet

Another classic travel item is this hidden neck pouch! This travel neck wallet works for both men and women. With so many pockets and clear panels, you’re able to grab what you need easily – and know exactly where they are! It’s also RFID-blocking, so thieves can’t scan your credit card information without you knowing it. It also has adjustable straps and is slim enough to be discreet. You can wear it around your neck, or more comfortably as a crossbody purse underneath your clothes. It comes in different colors and is 7.5″ by 5.5″.

Check prices for the best travel neck wallet

The Sew-On Travel Pocket

Make your favorite jeans with hidden pockets with these
Inside your jeans – sew in your own secret pockets for travel

Want to know how to make a secret pocket in your favorite jeans? Sew it on! These pockets are already-put-together. They come in a pack of 10 and are a cinch to put on. Just grab a needle and thread, and sew. No fancy sewing skills needed! Just make a running stitch that’s strong enough to hold. They have a velcro opening so nothing falls out. It fits a US passport, mobile phone, or money of course. You could make almost anything you own as a travel money holder!

Check prices for hidden pockets for travel

No-sew stick-on pockets

Make your own hidden pocket for travel
Just stick, slip your stuff in, and GO

Do you hate sewing – and just wish you could stick a pocket on the inside of your clothes? You can! These adhesive pockets go inside your pants, skirt, jacket, shorts, or wherever you need a pocket. It’s slim and discreet. For extra protection, you can sew the corners in, but for a trip, they’ll work for your travel needs. Sizes are 6.5” x 3.5” for the large, and 5.5” x 3” for the small.

Check prices for these no-sew stick-on pockets

Hidden travel wallet

Travel waist walletIt’s a travel-safe wallet that’s a good alternative to the travel waist pouch. This pickpocket-proof wallet hides inside your clothes and straps to your belt look and is worn between your shorts and tighty whiteys. You must wear a belt for it to work: you attach one (or both) of the loops on the belt, then you tuck the waist wallet inside. It’s durable, lightweight, and breathable! It comes in mocha and khaki.

Check prices for this travel money pouch

RFID-Blocking Hidden Clip Stash Travel Belt Wallet

The money belt alternative

This is another alternative to the travel waist pack. This secure Lewis N. Clark wallet has a clip that attaches to the inside of your pants. You can put your money, credit card, and keys in here – WITHOUT having to fiddle too much. Imagine this – you’re paying at the cash register, and you unclip this stash from inside your waistband. Then you slip the travel security pouch back in, discreetly. It also has RFID-blocking technology, meaning that an RFID reader can’t get your credit card info.

Check prices for this hidden clip stash wallet 

A bra pouch

To conceal: Wear hidden money pouch in your bra!If you want to stash your stuff under your shirt, or even your shorts, this bra pouch is perfect. This bra pouch attaches to either the side of the bra strap or between the cups. Note: this isn’t something you do while you’re paying for a bill at the cash register. It’s merely an extra space for you to hide your extra bill! For the manly men, it comes in BLACK too, and you can put it under your pants. You can store up to 6 credit cards.

Check prices for this clever bra pouch

A versatile money belt: women’s

Secret pocket clothing you can use again and again

I own this money belt, and I highly recommend it! I wear it when I’m in Barcelona at night alone (Barcelona has reported 300 thefts per DAY.) It fits comfortably and snugly around your waist, and you can easily slip your hands into the easy-to-zip pocket. I can fit my passport, Samsung S7 edge, keys, and ID card. It’s non-bulky and moisture-wicking too. It comes in different colors, but I suggest black. Try it!

Check prices for this versatile money belt

Accessories with hidden pockets 

A travel scarf with a hidden pocket

travel scarf: pocket that's hidden!Ah, this is brilliant! If it’s not summer, this is the perfect multi-purpose accessory. Dress up your outfit and foil pickpockets with this travel scarf with a hidden zipper pocket. This infinity loop scarf can hide your keys, wallet, passport, and mobile phone. I imagine it would weigh too much if you have it all there. But you can seriously go hands-free if you wear this scarf all the time! It comes in other patterns as well!

Check prices for this scarf with a hidden zipper

A belt with a secret pocket

Who would think to steal from inside a belt? This women’s or men’s money belt hides your bills, a key, or even your luggage key on the inside. It has a small zipper so your stuff stays secure. It’s durable and versatile, and airport-friendly. Sizes run from XS to XXL.

Check prices for this belt with hidden pocket

Scrunchies with hidden pockets

Who would ever think to check someone’s scrunchie for valuables? This secret pocket scrunchie has a high-quality invisible zipper to hide small items like paper cash, coins, or a key. You can either wear the scrunchie to style your hair or as a bracelet. And no one would ever know your money was in your ponytail!

Check prices for this set of hidden scrunchies

Undergarments with pockets

Men’s travel briefs with a secret pocket

Okay guys, you’ve got to protect that package. I’m talking about your money and passport, what’s wrong with you?! These “speakeasy briefs” hide your goods with a small zippered pocket right above your goods. (OK, I’ll stop.) If you don’t buy these, you’ve got to click through to at least see the images, please. A reviewer says he wears them over his regular undies, so he can wear them over and over. Brilliant!

Check prices for these briefs with a secret stash

Women’s underwear with pockets

Like I said, my mom invented these panties with pockets. We could have been millionaires! Okay, so they look a little like granny panties, but my God, reviewers are raving about them. The front zipper can fit a passport, cash, and more. These special panties also have tummy control, so you can look slimmer too. Consider popping them over your regular undies so you don’t have to wash them as often. And no, you do NOT need to reach down your pants to pay for your sushirrito. These undies with pockets are meant for you to store extra cash that you’ll need later. But do as you please!

Check out prices for travel underwear with a zipper pocket

Socks with a secret zipper

socks with hidden pocketsSlip your key, ID, cash and passport in these socks with a hidden pocket. And because of its strong ribbed top, the socks don’t slide down. Comfortable and form-fitting, they also come in ankle height, crew, and over-the-calf size to fit the passport.

Check prices for these socks with a secret pocket

Why wear travel clothes with secret pockets?

If you carry a purse or have a bulging pocket in your pants, it’s obvious where you’re carrying your wallet. When you wear secret compartment clothing, it looks like you’re not carrying anything valuable. Pickpockets won’t know where to steal from you, and so they might brush past you. Wearing travel-safe clothes might save your stuff. So why not eliminate the risk?

Wearing pickpocket-proof clothing might help in other situations: 1) when you’re on an airplane, and you fall asleep with your valuables out in the open, or 2) when you’re at a bar or restaurant having fun. Pickpockets like to target tourists in holiday mode.

I’m sad to say that pickpocketing happens a LOT here in Barcelona. It’s one of the Worst Pickpocket Cities in the world! I bet that “wearing” your valuables in clothes with hidden pockets is a smart way to NOT be a target in the first place. Let me know if you have more suggestions for the best pickpocket-proof clothing for men and women!

<<Psst…need an anti-theft purse? They have locking zippers and cut-free straps. I own two and they give me peace of mind! Read my guides to the best anti-theft travel purses and anti-theft backpacks on the market.>>

Think you would wear any of these hidden pocket clothing pieces for travel? Do you find them as brilliant as I do? 

From under-clothes money pouch to shirts with secret pockets, these are hidden pocket travel clothing that outsmart pickpockets!

By Justine Ancheta

California native, churro aficionado, and mom of 3, Justine Ancheta writes fervently about Barcelona and Spain. Since 2008, she's been eating burnt onions (calçots) and tripping on cobblestones in the Gothic Quarter. She shares tips on popular attractions, exposes offbeat non-touristy spots, and gives insight on exploring Barcelona with kids. Her next Catalan culture challenge: top level of a human castle (castellers).


  1. Hi Justine,

    Personally speaking, I’m a fan of money-belts and dividing your valuables up in order to minimise potential losses.

    I tried using jeans with a hidden pocket on my first trip to South America but gave up on them after leaving them to be laundered with about 100 USD still tucked away inside! Needless to say, they came back nice and clean 😉

  2. What about kids, do you worry they will get targeted? I guess it’s just a phone they really carry, but my teen now has cash and cards.

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